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  1. Gah! Pretty much the title explains it all... I requested an incubator for Xmas because I really really wanna have chickens other than little Blackie, and I thought it would be fun to hatch out my own! My mother stated that Blackie could be the only house-chicken and that was fine with me; I'd get a tractor or something, and would keep my chickens outside.

    My mother informed me today that my stepdad refuses to let me keep chickens outside. I was flabbergasted at first; what was his reason? I mean we live on a farm and everything, so what on Earth could be the wrench in my plan?

    My mother continued...

    He informed my mother that he did not think it was safe for the chickens to be outside, even in a secure run or tractor, so I wasn't allowed to get any... [​IMG] I'm allowed ONE more chicken, that will be allowed to live in the house with Blackie (in it's own cage of course), and that's it. [​IMG]

    My mother does not expect that he will budge, so now I have to decide on breed and gender (it has to be a bantam; I'm also worried that if it's a pullet, Blackie will never be allowed to be out around her for fear of him overbreeding her, or if it's a cockerel they'll fight...)

    ...and where in the heck I'm going to be able to get a lone chick is beyond me...
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  2. debilorrah

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    I'm thinkin your step father has no clue about chickens. [​IMG]
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    uhh if you got the right shelter for them they would be fine. Why would he care so much they would be your birds, and keeping them outside is cleaner than inside...I know.
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    Yes! Listen to Tira, she has hers in the basement.... I ahve 4 5 week olds in the laundry room and it is soooo dusty!!!!
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    Quote:you've exposed me!!! [​IMG] actually I've already told people that lets just see if they remember, boy I can type fast now. I can be yappy fingers 2.
  6. He doesn't know anything, but he absolutely adores little Blackie to pieces, and I think that's part of the problem. He just doesn't think that anywhere outside would be safe enough for them, and wouldn't want anything bad to happen to them...

    It's funny, he was a real "tough" guy when he met my mom, fresh out of jail and everything, never had an animal in his life, and now my mom says we 'ruined' him. He positively loves animals, and all I can think is that he himself would be crushed if a critter got to my chickens.
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    i'm thinkin that you should be greatful that your parents LET you have ANY animals...espically a darn chicken in a house!...LOL...never mind 2 of them!..silly girl!..[​IMG]...enjoy what they let you have..Peace, Wendy
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    Agreed redhen!!!! I think you need to educate the man that livestock LIKE to be outdoors!!!
  9. I am very grateful to my parents, I've been allowed every animal under the sun, and I only have Blackie because I ignored my mother when she said "no"~ I was just disappointed because they knew that this was my plan, I'd been talking about it for months, and all of a sudden he hits me with this out of the blue.

    I appreciate him overruling my mother and letting me keep another chicken in the house, but I am still a bit disappointed.

    Oh well, maybe now they'll budge and let me get a hairless rat like I've been begging for~
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    Like I said, honey, he needs some education - bring him to BYC.... [​IMG]

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