Evil neighbor! Need to find the flock a new home. PICS Added

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9 Years
Feb 15, 2010
I would have to get more roos, and try to run your neighbor out of the neighborhood. You did your part when you talked nicely with them. Now I would play the noise game. I bet you win. Lol


10 Years
Jun 6, 2009
If the man started screaming at me, I would keep the roo. Someone as unreasonable as that--who you barely know--screaming instead of talking and discussing won't be happy either way. I would move the coop so that he doesn't have easy access to harm them and then not worry.
If his dog barked, he would get a call at whatever hour (after I recorded it barking) Telling him to SILENCE his dog.

I do believe they have to "prove" and document the noise and the level of it too. If the roo is crowing only once in awhile, I doubt it would be considered bad enough for the judge to make you get rid of it. And if the judge did, well... you tried.


9 Years
Feb 1, 2010
Reno Nevada
First of all find out what the laws are. In our area for example it is illegal to have any animal that is an annoyance and produces any sort of prolonged noise. Prolonged is even defined as more than 15 minutes. If your are is similar tell your neighbor to stuff it or I'll give the Roo a microphone. And if he insists on yelling at me I will report him as a threat to me and my family. He has to prove the Rooster crows for more than 15 minutes


9 Years
Mar 27, 2010
New Hampshire
There's always one... If I were you what I would say probably wouldn't help, but.. At the same time u r in ur yard minding ur business and obeying the law. Then comes some blow hard yelling at you? Garauntee, he wouldn't be yelling at a man that way. So Id tell him best you knew he was the loudest animal in the area, but if u hear any noisy cocks around you'll get rid of them.


9 Years
Apr 14, 2010
DeLand, FL
My dork neighbors are FREAKED about our chickens, and I am just waiting for problems to start... we are in the country on one acre of land, and our house is between the coop and their house... but still, they are panicked and badmouthing us to all the neighbors. None of the other neighbors care, however. I fell your pain. Still waiting to see what they try...


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May 11, 2009
Kentucky, Cecilia
Wanna buy my old house, my neighbors loved the crowing. Had a neighbor sit on his lawn tractor crowing back to my roos.

I am with the ones to keep the roos. You do what you reasonably can to limit its impact outside your yard but unless they are waking everyone up or crowing all night... well some people just are horses rears ( no offense to the horses). Until you are told you have to get rid of them I would keep them and enjoy them. Trust me they will keep pushing about anything and everything no matter what you do. Find something they do that is against the ordinance and turn them in if they get too annoying.

I had a neighbor who's relative was the code enforcement officer. Bah I just called the cops and asked them to look up codes for me and then presented them with proof that I was within my right. After a few times they buggered off.

Don't give in!!


9 Years
Mar 19, 2010
medina county
God Im glad I own 50 acres and am 1200 feet off the road... I used to be zoning inspector in my community and one day I got a call from a neighbor having a tiff with another over something totally not zoning well he decided that he was going to call on his neighbor for every possible violation... It was constant back and forth... Finally I had enough and sent a letter to every house on the road stating that I would like to thank Mr so an so and mr so and so from these addresses for bringing it to my attention that this road was so full of potential zoning violations at their request i will be conducting and in depth inspection of this road and will promptly issue violations and fines for any and all violations found... I gave it 3 days till I did the inspections... Letters went out on a monday by tues the gentlement had settled their differences and begged me to lay off seems they liked their homes and legs and the other neighbors had volunteered to burn and break both of em!!!!!! Point is to become a greater pest than he is these type of folks are busy bodies and will not lay off.. I f he has a fire cookin call the cops smoke in your house his memorial day party better stop at 9 or call the cops etc eventually it will end but if you keep rolling over hell screw with you as long as you live there....


10 Years
Sep 24, 2009
Why not just move the coop to a different part of your property. If the coop is right next to this neighbor, a different neighbor might love the sound of your crowing roo. Or, like lots of others have said, get rid of the roo. I'm a big fan of making life easier, which I think means getting along with the neighbors.


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9 Years
Apr 29, 2010
Rockport, Tx
This may not be a popular reply so before I get farther, let me just say don't give in. If you are right and you don't stop; you win.

Now with that said; don't let someone else's bad behavior cause you to behave badly. It is a viscious cycle that only makes you feel bad. Let the miserable people of the world be miserable; they want to be miserable. Enjoy your life, your pets, your goals and don't be distracted by bad behavior. Happiness is a skill; seek proficiency in it....
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