Evil silkies converted her!

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    I used to work for a friend helping him manage his rental houses. He got married to a good gal, Kathy, who took over the job and I went on to other things. Well his wife is TERRIFIED of almost all animals so they still call me when there's an animal to deal with. Renters abandon animals way to often.

    Anyhow, twice in the last 2 years it's been chickens. Both times it's been real easy to rehome the whole thing, coop and all to someone wanting and willing to care for them. I've gotten Kathy to actually pet and hold a couple chicks which I thought was a real break through. Last week they called and said more chickens, they think, not sure, weird birds in an outside cage.

    What I found is a very, very nicely built small coop with a great run and 7 silkie pullets not even 2 months old. Someone loved these girls cuz they came running to me and as soon as I crouched down they were all perching on me chattering away. Kathy was watching from the safety of the porch and started laughing.

    Long story short I got her to let a silkie perch on her knee while she fed it grapes. By the time I had the coop cleaned up, feeders filled, waterer cleaned, etc. she had four on her.

    That was four days ago. Tomorrow they are moving the coop into their backyard and Kathy is overjoyed with her new flock of ladies.
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    Now sneak in a Polish!
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    A sultan baby too! I had a silkie sultan cross I believe, most personality I ever seen in an animal. Beautiful brown eyes with a golden ring some how though

    Edit: Forgot to mention that you double posted x.x
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