Ex-battery hens, Hull, East Yorkshire


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May 18, 2011
Yorkshire, England
I'm looking to buy a few hens for my back garden and would like to rescue some ex-bats. I am aware of organisations like the BHWT but there aren't any rescue dates imminent and I'd like to be able to get hold of them asap. I dropped in at Smith's Hatchery on the way to Hedon yesterday and they offer rescued ex-bats for £6 each. Apart from not wanting to pay that much, I'm not keen on putting any money in their pockets as I'm not happy with the conditions they keep their birds in (I had to collar a member of staff to get four badly pecked chicks seen to and found him very gruff and uncaring). So...I'm looking for something cheap and local, preferably a battery farm that I could pick up my birds from in person. I've been told that there are plenty in the area but finding out where is not very easy.

Any leads would be appreciated.
Ah man, you live in Yorshire? Lucky you! I'll ask some of my old friends out that way if they know of any. Good luck!
Thank you. If it makes you feel any better I'm a city dweller, not living out in the country. My boyfriend's family lives out in the country though and boy do I resent that! I was not a happy bunny when we went to visit his dad yesterday and heard a cockerel crowing in the neighbour's garden.

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