ex-battery hens


8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
I have 2 ex battery hens both 5 years old and laying i was wondering how much longer i could have them for?
No, had them since babies. But I raised them differently, NOT to pump out eggs 'til the're worthless. Who knows, maybe with the right feed, and some loving, they will lay again for you!!
newb question... whats an ex-battery hen?
Battery hens are those used to lay the cheap grocery store eggs. They are kept in very small cages (battery cages) in which they can't really move and just eat and pump eggs out until their egg laying slows and they are slaughtered as they've outlived their value to the commercial producer. An ex-battery hen would be one that was either rescued from the cage, or more likely rescued from slaughter. I think they usually use white leghorns for this.

Anyway, to the poster: I'd imagine you could have them as long as you like. No idea when they'll stop laying, if that's more your question.
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