Exactly 15 Silkie Eggs From Sunshine Silkies (oops..up to 17 now!)


11 Years
Jan 10, 2009
These eggs will ship out on January 3rd. I usually do not offer hatching eggs, because of the uncertainty of shipped eggs, but my bator is full right now. The eggs will be from my Black pens(black to black only), and Splash to Blue pens(you will get splash or blue chicks). Please do not ask for specific colors. They will be a combination. My breeders have placed very well at shows, and I am proud to offer some eggs for a lucky bidder. Please remember before you bid, that I cannot replace or refund shipped eggs. They will be packed well, but I cannot guarantee how they will be handled once they leave my farm. Keep in mind that it always a chance with shipping!

Fertility from these pens has been great. I have lots of little sweeties running around! You can see my silkies on my website. Good luck bidding!

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Girls are laying pretty good right now!!! Will include 17 eggs!
Bummer! I was going to come back in and bid on these eggs but got carried away with doing my silkie inventory for the start of the new year in the building!

Congrats, April!!
So sorry I couldn't resist bidding on these

Never be sorry for winning awesome auctions!
Sending you positive hatching vibes!

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