Excessively Full Crop???


10 Years
Aug 6, 2010
Ludowici, GA.
Hello, one of my Maran Hens has an excessively full crop and is very lethargic. She also has a blue comb. When I picked her up by the legs and held her upside down lots of fulid and feed came out of her mouth.
It has been very cold here today, temps in the 20's and I am wondering if this has something to do with the way this hen is acting and looking. I have placed her in a small pen with a heat lamp to see if this helps. Any need to worry about this? All the rest of my Chickens look fine.
My Maran Hen passed away today. Guess I did not get to her in time. She was full of 3 grain scratch and oak leaves. Guess the leaves may have stopped her from processing the food? Who knows just hope this does not happen to the few Maran I have left. Got to hatch some more soon.

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