Excessively Noisy Hen + Introducing 2 Chickens

Rachael Ellen

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6 Years
Sep 4, 2013
I've kept 2 chickens for about a year and a half now. Leni was on the top of the pecking order and could be a little loud. Squawked to get out of the run a lot. Squawked when there was nothing yummy to eat. Squawked when the magpies swooped. All okay. Birds make noise. She was usually okay when we let her roam the yard.

Recently, my dear Leeloo died, leaving Leni alone. She actually didn't seem to mind a whole lot - she had been distant from Leeloo as soon as she fell ill. She was a tad quieter I think but that was about it.

Yesterday, I bought a 9 week old Australorp home because I'm allowed to keep 2 chickens as per my parents' rules and I heard chickens aren't supposed to live alone because they're social creatures. Makes sense.

I've never seen such antisocial behaviour in my life! Leni has been pecking and jumping on the Australorp and carrying on like it's the end of the world that she has to share her coop again. I've separated them because the Australorp is slightly smaller at the moment and Leni hurt her leg jumping at her so I think it's better for both of them if they can't fight right now.

I've been trying to keep Leni in the coop due to her leg - she has a limp but doesn't seem uncomfortable when I press around her leg - and I'd prefer she rested it for a while. This results in the usual relentless squawking for hours until she gets out.

So I let her out but all she does is walk around for a bit and then start up again! I think she's namecalling the new girl? Warning her that it's her patch? She's incredibly loud and I'm worried my neighbours might complain.

I'm wondering how long they generally stay annoyed for? She hasn't laid today and I'm worried that she feels too threatened to and maybe that's what the high pitched squawking is all about? I hate that she's hurting and annoyed but what do I do? The Australorp is SO SWEET and still quite young. It breaks my heart hearing those baby noises when she's pecked at by Leni.

Also, I was confused as to why the Australorp, when I let them both out for a while, followed Leni back into the nestboxes and was watching her I think attempting to lay when she knew she'd get whooped for pecking at her face a little afterwards? Is she testing her boundaries or just curious?

This is hell. Chickens are so lovely but so particular. I honestly don't mind some of the noise because it's no worse than a dog, but constant throughout the day with bouts of those real loud squawks between it all is just too much.

If you got this far down...

What can I do to make Leni feel better? Or is it just a matter of time...

How old should the Australorp be before I can let them around one another without constant supervision? I read somewhere they should be the same size/not be making those baby noises when they can be safely put in the same area together?

Has anyone got any weird ways they got their chooks to be a little quieter? One of our old tricks was to block their visibility of the house as when they saw us through the windows is when they'd start getting loud... but they seem to have learnt we're still home lol

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