Exchequer Leghorn hatching eggs - Taking orders


12 Years
Aug 2, 2010
Taking orders on my exchequer leghorn hatching eggs.

I only ship eggs Monday-Wednesday priority mail so they will not sit at the post office over the weekend.

I wrap each egg individually in bubble wrap and pack the box tightly. Havent had one egg break to date!

12+ eggs = $30.00 + $12.00(for shipping)

6+ eggs = $15.00 + $9.00(for shipping)

Paypal only please.

I always pack extras! Please PM to order, I will do my best to ship on the dates that work for you! Thanks!
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Your birds appear to have white legs. I am new to the Exchequers but I thought they were suppost to have solid orange/dark yellow legs with no spots. Please correct me if I am wrong I am learning all I can about these birds. I want to make the right choices for my breeding pens. What kind of size are you getting on your eggs? Mine are a bit on the medium side.
So are the dots a DQ do you know? Some of mine have them and some do not. Don't you just love this pattern! I do wish mine layed larger eggs. I hope you sell lots, you just do not see enough of these!
thier eggs are small to medium.. have had great luck hatching these eggs reguardless of the size, i have many chicks from them! :) thanks for your interest!
Hey are these leghorns loud? Just curious, since everyone says they are noisy. Lol

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