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How are they as layers? I.E. how many approximately a week?

Thanks so much!
You too hey? Someone else on here just shared that with me. I've read to websites that say approx. 200 a year and another that said 280. I know different strains will lay differently but in general I would love to know what that number is.
I've had several hens in the past and currently have some that are great layers. In their peak I would estimate they were laying 5 or 6 eggs a week and they laid into winter fairly well too. They weren't necessarily large eggs but they were consistent. As far as Leghorns are concerned I would say they are average layers; not as good as white but better than the less common varieties.
I LOVE mine! I only have one Pullet laying but she is very dependable. The eggs do have a nice size to them especially to be pullet eggs but they aren't nearly as big as my white leghorns.
Thanks for your responses. I'm going to try them. I've got nothing against the white other than their white........I just love the different patterns and colours on chickens.

People seem to think that white is better than the other colors for laying. This is not true. The white is just the one bred mostly for laying, while the other colors are mostly bred for show, and so have been selected away from laying. A few wonderful people have kept non- SOP-ruined lines, but this is just another example of the SOP being taking too far, or the wrong way, or however you'd like to put it. Non-recognised colors are unknown: typically, if there is no standard, nobody will breed it for exhibition, but for utility (might as well if they won't win anyways). It's just a shame that it's getting so hard to find good stock anymore. The hatcheries are selling (maybe unwhittingly) crossbred junk these days because they no longer strive for as much qualitiy and care for what they're breeding, and small breeders are usually so focused with their heritage breeds on winning ribbons that the utility is fleeing...
But there are still some who have there priorities in place. If you can find a good, reputable breeder of Exchequers, than you will probably have good layers.
I agree D&B hens and that's another thread so I won't get into it as much as I'd love to.

Ninety nine percent of my birds come from private breeders but with the Exchequer, I was going to order from Ideal Poultry, mainly because at this point I'm not interested in breeding them (I have breeding roosters from other breeds that I'm focusing on right now) so I'm not interested in a 'pair' as just want them for laying right now. That could change in the future. Do you think I'm wasting my time getting them from a hatchery even in that case, as far as them being very good layers?

The other issue is that I live in British Columbia, Canada and would have to find a reputable breeder in the States who's willing to do health papers (most aren't), shipping, etc. So if I get 'into' the Exchequer as a breed at some point, I'm willing to go to great lengths but just for laying, I had Ideal in mind. Should I not bother even then going the hatchery route?
totally totally agree. I had Delawares I bought from a local breeder who was breeding towards show quality. Mine were in between hatchery and show, but they weren't great layers. And they're eggs were medium, not the large to extra large Dellies are supposed to lay!

I have a trio of 4 month old Exchequers! I can't wait till they start laying! One of my 2 girls already has a red comb, though it's still small, so I'm thinking it won't be Feb-Mar like I was expecting, it might be early Feb!!! They are the sweetest girls, and the cockerel is the lowest on the pecking order b/c he is too sweet. I had to separate him out b/c my black copper Marans cockerels were just completely terrorizing him.
I'll let you know when they start laying.

I got mine from My Pet Chicken. I've had mixed results ordering from them. My Blue Andalusian Cockerel is a complete mess, rusty red smut EVERYWHERE, but the BA girls are beautiful, lovely lacing. I have one pretty good quality Speckled Sussex from them, my Exchequers look pretty good, but I also got a mutt, that the verdict finally is that she's a mixed color Sussex, probably speckled + light. She's pretty, but she's not a recognized color for any breed!
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