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5 Years
Aug 7, 2016
Pisgah Forest, NC
We have had a few chickens for 2 years now, and with a recent move to a small farm, have added four young goats to their yard. I found BYC while researching ways to keep our goats from getting to the chicken feed. We made a small entrance to the coop, but anything that our girls would go through is large enough for the naughty kids as well! Any ideas would be appreciated!
so glad you have joined us.

I have no experience with goats, but someone may show up with a workable solution.

If not, you may have to just "deal with it " until the goats grow and can no longer enter the coop?

But wonder how large the chicken door is, maybe it could be blocked down to a little smaller size temporarily? Or place a barricade to keep those goats away from the coop altogether.
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Thanks, all! We decided to dig a small "chunnel" (chicken tunnel) under the edge of the coop, and so far that is working. My girls seem to enjoy the company of the goats;I will post pictures of their antics soon!

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