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I have been doing a blog following the progress of 52 eggs incubating for my Mom's 2nd grade classroom. It has been going really well and the kids are really enthusiastic about it. One of my professors son is in my Mom's class and she's been using it in her Biology class (can you believe that there are some college students who think that birds are born LIVE BIRTH!). Also, the principle of my Mom's school called a media rep today about the blog. She wants to do an article on the project and is bringing a camera for an interview in case it sparks more interest. I am going in to the classroom on Thursday to present one of the blogs and discuss the project a little more. This is also a GREAT opportunity to have visuals for the classroom. I am for sure bringing some eggs from out Araucanas, Brown Pullets and Black Sex-Links to show the difference in eggs and whatnot. Anyone have any ideas of other good visuals to bring or anything that would be interesting to bring to class with me? This is an exciting opportunity and I would like it to go well.
Are you going to open them for the kids? The kids always like that. Maybe some feathers from the chickens to match them with the egg they laid and some nesting materials! I have 4 kids and one of them is in second grade! They love to watch them doing different things like jumping up for food or dirt bathing. Do you have pics of your chickens doing anything like that? Also, maybe bring in a sample of feed or cracked corn in sandwich bags. Hope I helped!
great ideas! I like the idea of bringing in some of the bedding and their feed. My professor suggested bringing in an infertile egg to show them how I candle
I'm going to try to get pictures/video of them scratching in the dirt and dirt bathing (my favorite)
GOOD LUCK!!! I know it's going to go great

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