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7 Years
Nov 17, 2012
I have 5 chickens, 3 of them are rhode island red hens and I want to let them out of their coop but am afraid they will runaway even if I`m watching them. So my idea was to get them a harness. So my question is how do you train a chicken to walk on a harness?? And not make them to stressed out. ANY information is VERY appreciated!
As long as your chickens have been sleeping in their coop every night for a week or more they think of it as home and will return there every night. They love routine. I let my hens free range everyday and they have never run away. The only thing you need to worry about with free ranging is predators in your area. You could also consider building a run or a chicken tractor if you decide you do not want to free range.
I have thouht of free ranging them but i also own horses who have free range and when they spook (and they do easily) they could trample a chicken
Do you have any ideas on how to train them to walk on a leash?
Chickens don't really take walks like a dog. They like to dig and scratch around and forage. I am not sure they would enjoy being on a leash. Don't know.

A movable chicken tractor might be a great option for you. If you search the site, people have made a lot of clever ones. That way your chickens could go on safe adventures.
Oh yes a tractor, I could try that. But I have 2 white jersey giants (1 hen and 1 rooster) and they are REALLY REALL shy, like they might have a heart attack if I go within a meter of them. So how would I get them on and off the tractor?
I was in the coop with my chickens and my white jersey giant rooster was eyeing me. It looked as if he was going to attack me. how do you show a rooster that your boss?(if you can)

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