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    Jul 27, 2011
    Larryville, KS
    Hi guys. I'm building a coop currently and it's 4'W x 4'L and 5' H. I currently have 3 chickens but plan on expanding in the spring. They have a run as well which is 4'W x 6'L and 4' H. I guess my question is, could I safely add 2 more chickens in the spring without expanding the living area?? If I decided to get more than 2 chickens how hard would it be to make an "addition" to the coop. I'd love to see some coop photos!
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    IMO no, not without expanding. Not sure what kind of winters you get in KS, but I'd think you get some. I would not want less than 4 sq. ft per bird for your housing. Your run is already small for three birds, as 10 sq. ft. is really the minimum recommended for run space. Without seeing photos of your set-up, it would be really difficult to propose ways to expand. We just expanded our main coop, but we already had a "chicken porch" on our coop, so it was a "simple" task of enclosing that and then taking out half of an interior wall. Why don't you post photos of your coop. At least you have time to plan [​IMG]

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