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Mar 22, 2013
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One of my barred rocks, Queen, is trying to pass her first egg today. I saw our rooster mount her last week. He was in the nesting box next to her for an hour. I kicked him out so to leave her alone. Well, Queen just shuffled around in the coop, came out a few times to get a drink, and would go back in. The rooster was pacing around the coop like a nervous papa! After an hour, he found his way back in there. At last check, he was snuggled next to her in the nesting box and she was calmer.
Has anyone else had this experience?? Do roosters have a particular lady friend favorite?

Some roosters seem to spend as much time in the nesting boxes as the girls. It is really cute when they will cluck and rearrange things hoping to entice the hens into their pick. A lot of roosters have one or two girls they favor and will hang around with, when their lady friend decides to lay an egg the poor roosters don't want to go back out alone and don't know what to do, so pace around hoping the girl will just hurry up and come back to him. It is funny when there is a trio and one is laying an egg and the other wants to go somewhere else, the poor rooster doesn't know who to stick with to keep his harem together. Hope your girl got her egg laid and everybody is happy now.
Thank you Kelsie. She did lay the egg and settled down. She has since laid two more, every other day, and there was not as much drama. It might have just thrown the poor guy for a loop that first day! Would be interested to know how common that behavior is.

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