exploding egg... a v ery serious matter!


9 Years
Nov 26, 2010
North Mississippi
So... I was handling the eggs for the final time in preparation to load the hatcher. Apparently I missed an egg that was bad last time i candled... I found an egg that had a dark line in it along where the air cell line usually is, I tried to pick it up out of the tray, but it was stuck. I applied a lil pressure to try to get it out... No luck... POP! It exploded and sounded like a fire cracker! Sent shrapnel and black gooey mess everywhere! it was horrible. Stunk up a whole section of the house!
I'm going to be much more careful when egg candling next go round!
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Rotten exploding eggs are the worst a chicken person can endure, the stench is worst than a roomful of permanant house chickens. I hope you can rid the house of the stench soon.
LOL! I have never smelled a bad egg until I hatched some eggs for the first time!! Omg!! Worst smell I have ever smelled!!
Ya'll it was so bad! It splattered on some of my good eggs too, as well as on my glasses... It was all I could do not to throw up, and I have a VERY strong stomach usually... , I just wiped the eggs off and placed them in the hatcher, hopefully they'll hatch
I had one explode under my broody hen today!
I wasn't sure if I should do it or not, but I took all the eggs out and soaked them in lukewarm water to get the gunk off while I cleaned out the nest. I know one of the eggs is getting ready to hatch 'cuz it was moving around in the water and when I took it out to clean and dry it, it cheeped at me! I marked it before I put it back under my hen so I could keep an eye on it.

I've never candled (guess I ought to learn that if I'm going to hatch eggs, huh? LOL) Despite my ignorance, we've hatched 5 eggs successfully since the 20th.

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