"Exploding" egg in incubator

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ChanceRider, Sep 18, 2009.

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    Earlier today I removed a duck egg from the incubator... it was weeping, had cracks in it, and looked like an accident ready to happen [​IMG]. So this evening when I was checking the incubator temp and humidity, I saw another egg that looked like it was ready to blow [​IMG]. I quickly opened the cabinet and pulled out the tray, thinking I'd check all the eggs. To my surprise, my "exploding" egg turned out to be a 4 day early duckling! The eggs will be moved to the hatcher tomorrow.

    None of the other eggs have pipped or give any indication of an early hatch. Plus, the temp and humidity are right where they should be. Dang over-achiever duckie, I guess it just couldn't wait to hatch [​IMG]. I had to quickly plug in the hatcher as I'd turned it off for a good cleaning.
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    Nice surprise!

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    Just a quick POI, I have left chicken eggs in as long as 24 and 25 days and never had so much as a smelly egg come out.

    Also, I recently had 19 very special eggs shipped to me. One had burst in enroute to me due to spoilage. Four more stunk and I tossed them. I set the rest and noticed the next day that several of them were "sweating" with tiny yellow beads growing on the shells. I pulled the tray and had to toss 4 or 5 more. The next day the same thing happened.

    Over three days I had to eventually toss them all. They were all bad and began to smell. Obviously spoiled. However, none of them ever "exploded" in the incubator.

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