exploding eggs ??

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Jun 8, 2012
Tomball, Tx.
I am incubating come R.I.R. eggs due to hatch 4/21. The incubator I am using ( L.G.) is styrofoam and borrowed. I really would not like eggs exploding in someone else's incubator. And in that styrofoam ~~~ ugh ~~~~~ what a mess. I candled the eggs yesterday but they are dark shelled and since I am a newbie I really don't know what I am (doing) looking at. If an egg is going to explode from bacteria at what stage does that usually happen ?? ("-") Thanks !
dont worry about them exploding... make sure you smell the incubator air before you turn the eggs, if there is a rotten smell then one egg is bad and you will have to sniff it out. However if the smell is more like someone left out tuna for a couple of days thats just the smell of hatching chicks. As for candeling you're looking for a ring of viens and a black swimming dot that likes to say hi, but the yolk will roll with the egg and is quite large compared to the egg.
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