Extra chicks?


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9 Years
Dec 23, 2010
I am thinking about getting back into hatching chicks agian after I get more hens ( im down to 1). But the issue I have been faced with is space. Once I hatch about 20 or so I will no longer have space and I can not let them be free range because My dad is going to put in a run-way/grass strip. He dose not want an issue with birds. I thought about making a larger, outdoor pen so they kinda can be free range.
My question is, can you easily sale the chicks online, and whats the demand? Dose BYC have a classifieds section? If I can keep the new hatchlings moving I can continue to hatch more. I dont mind selling at very low costs, and it would have to be in groups. Can you ship chicks? I have heard of people shipping birds such as chicks, pigeons and doves but I am never really looked into it. And if i did, I know it would have to be next day shipping.

thanks for any advice!

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