Extra long and heavy comb

Hadia Zahoor 118

Jun 9, 2019
Hi everyone, I have been keeping two chicks for 3 months. But one of them has developed a long, red comb. The comb is dropped on one eye and it is covering that eye. Initially it was ok but now that eye is getting reddish and that area has no fur left because of the weight of the comb. The pictures are below. Kindly tell me what to do with that. He was wet at the time of pictures so ignore the fur.


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Just get a pair of sharp scissors and dock his comb. Have some corn starch to dab on should it bleed for more than a few seconds. People have been docking combs for thousands of years and it doesn't hurt them. Most docked roosters act a bit more perky without the weight of a big comb on their head. just Google "dock rooster comb" to find out more about it. :old
Excellent! can you get us some more pics of him? He should perk up and be more active within a couple days. It's like if you had a large family pack of hamburger standing up on your head (that's a lot of weight) and then it's gone and you're free.
I can only imagine its extremely painful.... if it bleeds it has feeling. Dubbing is done for some show birds and is common practice for the comb ears and waddles. Its like cropping ears and tails or hitting a quick, it hurts. I don't agree, but others are fine with it. Not gonna judge though, watch for infection and best of luck.
What kind of chicken is this? I've never seen a comb so big!!:eek:

Also, you're very brave!!:clap I wouldn't have been able to do that. Would have probably found someone else. Good on you!!:thumbsup
I think perhaps what was meant by cutting the comb doesn't hurt them is that it does no lasting harm. It certainly causes pain but there are no long term ill effects and as in this case, it is often advantageous.
I agree. It’s that “interpretation lost in a text” problem. Thank you for explaining it well. I couldn’t quite think how to say it.

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