Extremely bad pecking - hole in pullets head-graphic


Brown Barns Farm
11 Years
Sep 23, 2008
near Albany, New York
I had sold some chicks in the fall and the woman called me about one of them.

1. She is 7 months old

2. Was in a nice home with 8 other pullets the same age

3. Had been living inside home for 1 month to heal then put back out and the others pecked her again

4. The owner had treated her with Blu-Kote and an ointment - apparently healed ok before 2nd time out

Here is the pic - sorry it is blurry.


I put her in with our birds last night and they seem to not bother with her. Been out ALOT today to observe. She went in to roost with everyone and is now laying on the roost. It is a 2 x 4 flat so she is lengthwise. So very sad, seems to be a sweet Australorp girl.
Got it - going outside right now to put her in the other coop next door. The fence separates both coops so they can see each other but not injure. I did not witness our hens hurting her at all today but, just very worried about her. Thanks a bunch.

The woman brought her to our home, so she is not with the mean hens anymore.
poor girl. I"d put Pine Tar on those pecking wounds.It has a natural antiseptic,and the other chickens don't like the taste so they tend to leave it alone. Good Luck!
I just went out and moved her to out "baby coop" There is a fence between each run area so the other birds will be able to see her but not do any damage. Just sad that she is all alone.
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