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    Hi Everyone. I have a hen (an important pet) with an extremely swollen underside just behind the legs and encompassing the butt area. She has loss of appetite. I massaged her earlier today which seemed to help her want to come out of the coop but then she just sat under a bush, and I just soaked her in warm water. I'm not thinking it's an egg thing because I've run into egg issues with other hens. She's almost the shape of a softball down there... Weirdly perfectly rounded. Her little butt doesn't seem to be working. Like maybe she can't open it to poop? I had trouble finding her little bottom hole. No poop stuck to it. She was fairly clean. Any thoughts? She started acting a little lethargic yesterday but really started showing signs today. Thank you for your help!
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    Sorry about your chicken. Have you just started noticing the enlarged area recently? Could you post a picture of her vent for us to see what you see? There can be several conditions with swelling below the vent described by many chicken owners in past threads, ranging from a possible hernia, to a teratoma, to possible cancer. Many of these enlarged areas are there for a long time, and the hen seems to get along without a problem. I would like to make sure that she doesn't have a prolapsed vent which is where the insides poke through the vent.
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    Thanks for the reply Eggcessive! It's not a prolapsed vent. I've dealt with that in prior hens so I know exactly what you mean. This is exactly the opposite. I could not find her vent. I know that sounds completely strange, but seriously it is soooo small. I'm not sure if it's just because the whole area is so huge and the skin is tight. Her whole back end/underside is extremely and oddly heavy. I pick her up and she's just not balanced right... Back end heavy. Very clean and not dirty/poopy or prolapsed. I did just notice her heavy and swollen underside and back end today. Her comb is a little darker than the normal healthy red color and flopped over. It flopped over just a bit a couple weeks ago. Not sure if it's related. Today it's way over to her left side. She's also been her bubbly bouncy self until yesterday when she was just a little more reserved. I rally hope she snaps out if this. [​IMG]
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    My sick hen is not looking too well. I think there is still hope. She could not come off the roost I put her on last night. I'm guessing because her back end is so heavy. I brought her off the roost about 2 hours ago and she's walking slow. Seemed interested in food, but not interested in dealing with the other hens at the feeder so stayed away. I'm about to soak her again to try to relax her. Anything more I should be looking for? Any other suggestions? Please? Thanks!
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    I soaked her for awhile rubbing the softball spot. She didn't mind at all and the firmness of the softball started to soften a bit and then toughen again. I'm very optimistic about her at the moment.

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