Eye bubbles and sneezing


Jul 7, 2021
A few weeks ago I got a chip drop and put those wood chips in our chicken run floor. They were very absorbent and I noticed my chickens sneezing more often. I went out to change it today and noticed one of my chickens having a sneezing episode so I picked her up and saw a few bubbles in her eye and I'm not sure if it was how my daughter was holding her or what but she had a bit of a gurgle/Purr when she was breathing. I've moved the two that were sneezing the most to the garage to isolate them, put vetrx in their water. I've not heard a single sneeze since moving them to the garage and all her eye bubbles are gone now. We have a few avian vets nearby I can take them to tomorrow but I'm wondering if I should just watch them or take them in just to be extra cautious. I did smell ammonia when cleaning it out so I think it was definitely irritating them, they've been open mouth breathing a lot but it's been 90°+ so I figured it was the heat.


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I'd take them to an avian vet just to be safe. It is best to keep them isolated as much as possible and try not to touch them and then interact with the flock directly after. Even if they appear to be better, it is best to be safe just in case it is avian flu related.
So avian vet can't see them until until next Friday. They're both in the garage but I haven't seen any more bubbles or heard any sounds, one is still mouth breathing but not as hard, it's hot. I've got some frozen peas in there with them, the one that has eaten some has stopped mouth breathing so I think that's just from the heat

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