Eye crusted shut???? Help


7 Years
Mar 27, 2012
I have a 5 month old silkie roo and today I noticed that one eye has alot of bubbles in it and the other eye is crusted shut. I cheacked for lice and mites he is cleans he is kept with one other chickn witch is a silkie pulley the same age the bedding is sand and shavings on the nest box. This had to have happened in one day because he was fine a day ago. I have put drop in his eyes and have him on vitamins what eles can I do he is also seperated from the hen now and I plan to give him a bath to wash up his face. What could this be an how long ahold it last anythink else I can do? Also he is on bedding now
He probably has a respiratory disease such a s mycoplasma G. or coryza. Coryza smells very bad. There are other diseases it could be. Tylan 50 would be a good drug to start him on 1/4-1/2 ml by mouth or as a shot daily for 5 days. There is also a powder form of Tylan that you can put in the water. Here is a link to common diseases: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ps044
O u guys think I could use triple antibiotic ointment around the eye? Along with drops he has no signs of respritory problems at all
O u guys think I could use triple antibiotic ointment around the eye? Along with drops he has no signs of respritory problems at all

Sure you can use the ointment. Anything that will soften the crustyness will make the bird more comfortable.

If you think that MG is excluded because "he has no signs of respritory problems at all" you do not understand that MG is an upper respiratory problem and he is exhibiting classic symptoms of that disease as described in the link Eggcessive provided.

You might just have to do some research on your own to learn about this disease and not cast around the internet looking for simplistic answers.

BTW this disease is egg and bird to bird contact transmitted so your entire flock is probably infected and the anything from them will transmit the disease. Not good for a provider of what you have to offer to not so well informed purchasers.
ok thank you ill try it and see what happens. I know that he came from a very reputable breeder that I have bought from many times and would again, and have never had a problem. is this possibly in anyway I could just be an eye infection?
Mycoplasma and some of the other respiratory diseases are pretty much everywhere. It can come into your flock in many ways--wild birds, a new chicken brought in, and from your shoes after visiting a feedstore, farm, or even WalMart. If you lose a chicken, you might want to get a necropsy done to find out exactly what disease it is. Treating your silky with antibiotics might clear up the infection, but they can still be carriers.
ok he is the only one showing signs of it. and I separated him right as I saw it. no other birds are showing symptoms of anything.

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