Eye nose infection


Sep 5, 2015

This bird has attained a severe eye infection to both eyes. It's eyes are swollen shut and it yellow goo comes from it that smells terrible. I've applied Vetericyn to it its eyes but no help. It cannot close its mouth and goo is coming from its nostrils too. What can be done?
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If the gunk has a bad smell to it, the bird most likely has Coryza, a very bad respiratory ailment. You will need to quickly get this bird on some antibiotics You can use Sulfadimethoxine or Duramycin. Denagard might work as well.

Don't wait too long with medicating her as they generally don't survive long in this state. Keep her under heat as well. Sick birds get cold and cold birds don't heal. This is contagious so most likely the rest of your flock has it asl well, so treat them all with the meds.

You can order most of these from this place...http://www.randallburkey.com/chicken-supplies/medications/antibiotics-pharmaceuticals.html even on Amazon.

Good luck and I hope you can save her! :)
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