Eye problem and Clicking breath

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    When I first bought this cockerel, he had a bunch of junk in his eye (dirt and what looked like hair). I carefully got it all out with a damp cloth. His inner eyelid was swollen and his eye in general was droopy. I seperated him from the others just in case but I figured that it was just from the junk being in his eye... It has been 3 weeks since his purchase and he shows no signs of improvement. He is to be my replacement rooster once mine goes to freezer camp so I have been trying to give him some special treatment so he wont grow up to attack me. Well today I happened to notice him making a clicking noise when he breathed. He also breathes with his mouth open even at night when its cooler and all the other birds stop showing signs of being hot.

    I have tried
    Honey in his eye (we have a neighbor with his own bees so we have lots of unpastuerized honey, I tried it on another hen who had an irritated eye, it cleared up in 3 days)
    VetRX on his chest and head

    And I dont know what else to try. He has been seperate from the other birds for most of his 3 weeks here, I had him in mass quarentine for 2 days before I isolated him completely. Also, he had lice castings on him when I got him, no bugs. (I am very disappointed in the lady I bought him from.. I would never sell a bird that had an eye problem like that or with lice castings everywhere)

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    I myself would start him on Tylan antibiotic in the water. Sounds like an upper respiratory problem.

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