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Island Roo

7 Years
Feb 14, 2012
Duncan, BC
I have a hen with an eye problem. There is a bit of foam/bubbles. She seems to prefer to leave it closed but will open it as well.
She tries to scratch that side here face with her feet.

No sneezing or nasal discharge. Crop is almost full tonight. No new birds.

I'm thinking it is a foreign object or maybe she got pecked and is now infected.

Wait a second - I just went to take a picture and noticed that both eyes have bubbles? I don't like that...

Any ideas - or something else I should look for?

The side that bothers her:

The better side
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Do you have any eye medications? It is really hard to say what is going on at this stage, yes it could be a poke/peck or foreign object... Check again in the AM ans keep a close eye on her to see if anything else occurs......
Thanks frog.

I brought her inside and still cannot see any other symptoms.
I washed out both eyes and applied some antibiotic eye ointment.

I'll keep her separated just in case.
Sometimes it just a wait and see what else happens thing......lets hope that the ointment does the trick and all it is is an eye irritaion.....:fl OR on the flip side it could be the start of a respritory infection.....
Yup - wait and see. She's improving today.

Normally scrapes and bruises don't phase me - on me or my animals. But when some of the symptoms are similar to a nasty contagious disease, it's reassuring to get confirmation from a more experienced poultry raiser that I'm not overlooking something.

I'll keep an eye her (no pun intended) but I think she's fine.

Thanks again Frog

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