eye problem


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7 Years
Apr 14, 2012
My broody hatched 2 chicks last weekend, her first batch. One of the chicks has a problem with its eye being shut. Could it be glued shut like a kitten or puppy can get? Should I wipe it with warm water or mineral oil? The chick is eating and moving around o.k. and seems healthy except for that eye.
Any advice would be helpful
Yep, wipe the eye with warm water and remove the crusted area to prevent it from healing that way. Check it often to make sure it doesn't crust over.
Thank you for the advice, but the chick died this afternoon. It seemed lethargic when I checked on them at noon, and when I came out later it had died.
The other chick is keeping mom pretty busy so I think it will be O.K. I'm just glad she was able to hatch a brood this year, looking forward to next summer.

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