Eye problems and beak "rot"


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Hey everyone. I have some month old chicks and they have been happy and healthy up until a few days ago. They seem to be developing "proud" flesh from sores at the base of their beak and their eye swells shut on the one side. I have looked on the internet and not been able to find anything. I have several other mature chickens and they are all fine, just these 8. 7 1 month old chicks and a 3 month old pullet that is helping take care of them. Please look at the pics and let me know if you have any ideas. The chickens are standard cochins.

I have noticed ants near thier pen yesterday and have moved them to keep them away from the ants until I can get rid of them. Could their injuries be caused by piss-ant bites? They are not penned up with any other chickens and have never been exposed to the mature flock.

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Are those sores inside the mouth, as well? And down the throat?
They were hatched out from eggs from the mature hens and being kept in an outside 8 foot by 4 foot by 2 foot tall fully enclosed pen. They have fresh water and a heat lamp and have been fed standard chick starter as well as greens from the garden. I have been raising chickens for over 6 years (at one point I have had over 250 chickens, now I have 80) and have never seen anything like this. I have looked over my flock very well and none of the other chickens show any signs of being sick or signs of any injuries like these.

My general thinking is that they were assaulted by ants. I know they can be fatal to chicks.
Hi CMV, no I don't notice anything inside the beak or down their throats. They are running and playing...chasing bugs... otherwise they seem happy and healthy.

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