Eye that Discharges, runs 24/7

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    I got 6 chickens about 5 months ago, and one of he chicks at a day old had one eye shut. She opened it sometimes and it was full of water, you can tell it was running. We were told she probably got pecked in the eye so we put polysporin for the eyes. Today she still has the issue, only in one eye. its always open but the feathers are always wet around the eye. the other eye is perfect. none of the others have any health or eye issues. She is also the first to go in the coop every night and she seems to breath heavily with her mouth open, only in the coop, only her, and the temperature is fine. What's up, should she see a vet?
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    She may just have something wrong with her tear duct since she has had this her whole life. There are more potent antibiotic drops that a vet may prescribe, such as clavamox, ciprofloxacin, gentamycin, and others if there looks to be any redness around her eye. The heavy breathing with an open mouth could possibly mean that it is a respiratory infection such as MG or aspergillosis from mold. Both of those could cause eye drainage, although it would be more infrequent with aspergillosis. Here are a couple of links about the respiratory diseases including MG and aspergillosis, and one just on aspergillosis:

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