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    The Dragons

    This is the first official dragon clan role play!

    {Newest Going-Ons}
    X. There have been three human attacks recently, one of three, another of many, and the latest one a single human.

    {Important Announcements}

    - All BYC rules apply.
    - Don't be too realistic! It's dragons!
    - All dragons are green.
    - All names must start with a 'G'.
    - This is dragons only! No unicorns or werewolfs allowed.
    - Dragons may not eat/attack each other!
    - Inactivity; please don't come on once or twice and then leave, it's difficult to manage. If you decide to quit, then please say so.

    Long Cold (Winter)

    {SparkClan Territory}

    Your wings are growing weak, you have traveled long, over 10 million wing beats. You must be careful; some humans live nearby and you can't risk being spotted. You sight a deep, large cave, the perfect place to rest. As you approach, your ears pick out noises and your eys spot fire on the surrounding mountains. You land and see other dragons; they appear friendly.

    Ice Mountains: These are the high mountians the clan lives on.
    Food Cave: A very large cave filled with the catches the members have made, usually filled to the entrance.
    Leader's Cave: A large cave filled with decorations such as rock sculptures. It's at the very peak of the center mountain.
    Deputy's Cave: A medium sized cave lower down on the same mountain as the Leader Cave. Also has decorations, but not as many.
    Warrior's Cave: A very large cave festooned with lanterns.
    Apprentice's Cave: A large cave a little bit below the Warriors' cave.
    Nursery: A small cave covered with soft snow hare blankets. This is the place hatchlings are kept.
    Hatchery: The place where Egg Mothers stay while they have eggs.
    Waterfall: A large waterfall running down one of the mountains.
    Medicine Cave: A deep, warm cave filled with potions and such.
    The Social Forest: A forest on one of the mountains where you can just hang out and catch a few snow hares.
    Human Territory: A nearby town filled with humans. You must avoid this place carefully.
    The Meeting Peak: The peak of the tallest mountain. This is where the leader makes announcements.

    A female dragon with swiveling ears speaks to you in dragontongue, "Greetings, I am G'ractore. Please join SparkClan, as we will honor you for you trust, skills, strength and faith."

    To join, fill out the below form:

    Name: (Your dragon's name.)
    Gender: (Male/Female.)
    Rank: (Warrior, Apprentice, Hatchling, etc.)
    Appearence: (Some of their most noticable features.)
    Abilities: (Things they are good at. Hunting specific creatures, preforming difficult flight manuvers, long distance fire shooting, etc.)
    History: (What's happened in their life so far that you'd like to say.)
    Other: (Something else you'd like to say about them.)
    Personality: (How they act.)
    Type: (There are Listening Dragons, Natural Healing Dragons, Gaurd Dragons, Fighting dragons, etc.)
    BYC username: (Your username.)

    {Members of SparkClan}

    Leader: (The head dragon.) G'ractore. A female Listening Dragon, she has beautifully pointed tall ears that can pick up signals from the other side of the world. Caring, dedicated to helping her clan thrive. (duckluv)

    Deputy: (The second in command.) G'rialane. A female Potions Dragon. Empathetic. Has thin, gaceful horns. She came from across the sea. (Gerbil)

    Warriors: (The main dragons of the clan.)
    G'Tallok. A female Guard Dragon. Iridesent in color with a head frill. A great flier. (BirdNut)
    G'Jasper (Pronounced Jasper, the G is silent.). A male Warrior Dragon with black stripes down his back. Good hunter and flier. Was a warrior in a distant clan. Natural warrior. (ChickieBooBoo)
    Genevieve. A female Guard Dragon. Square-ish with small wings. She is very strong for her size and hates hatchlings and whiny dragons. (Kooshie)
    Gorlac. A male Guard dragon without a fire. Has a skull-like pattern on his face and long horns. Quiet. (Gerbil)
    Godric. A male Guard Dragon. Long, jade-colored Lindorm with six long, tapered golden horns on the sides of his face and on his head that are both decorative and useful in battle. He is quite large, mostly in length, is limbless except for wings and ront limbs that he often chooses not to use. Golden, razor-sharp scales line his back and heavy armour-like ones of the same color line his chest down to his tail. He has a silk-like tassle of darker jade hair at the end of his tail, and a small beard-like tuft on his jaw. Darker swirls of jade elegantly mark his body. An experienced warrior, has the ability to manipulate physics with his magic. He lived at a far away clan of dragons that was overtaken by a vast swarm of black dragons. He escaped and began to explore the rest of the world, and after several visits to this area, was happy to eventually discover that a new clan of dragons developed here. Social, honest, calm, always cheerful but seems to be quietly content. (BirdNut)

    Apprentices: (Warriors in training.)
    G'frillore. A female Natural Healing Dragon. Loud, always getting into trouble. She was hatched by the sun and brought here by Gorlac. She has dainty frills that reflect the blue sky. Huge blue eyes and a four pointed tail. Unknown abilities. (Gerbil)

    Hatchlings: (Young dragons, not fully grown yet.)
    Galieth. A male Natural Healing Dragon with big feet, transparent wings, deep emerald scales, golden eyes and isosceles. He carries a toolbox that no one else can open with him all the time. He was hatched by an ostrich. (duckluv)
    GoldenBlade. A female Natural Healing Dragon. Abandoned as she was hatching, crawled around and found SparkClan. Likes to climb, has a slight temper. Small. Her scales are a shimmering green and have a blue tint to them. (iluvsedward)

    Hatchers: (Dragons that sit on the eggs and care for the hatchlings.)

    Eggs: (Dragon eggs.)


    Other groups may be created.
    The Gryphons

    The Gryphon Kingdom consists of many Gryphons that reside peacefully in a rocky, mountainous valley. They train as chicks to pursue the duties that they dream of, and when they have been serving the Queen for a fair amount of time and she sees them as loyal, she will grant them with what is called a Legacy. A Legacy is a gift given to those special Gryphons that can be one of two options that the Gryphon may choose from. S/he may request to be given a human form, where s/he now has the ability to craft things that Gryphons cannot, and can associate and befriend true humans to better understand them. If they wish, she can instead make them into a Greater Gryphon. A Greater Gryphon is distinguished from other Gryphons by being larger overall, more muscular, having showier markings that can swirl or twist, and having fancier feathers in addition to the feathers that they do have. Crested Gryphons may have an extended, flowing crest for example, or they may have a flamboyant tail. This form is permanent, but well worth it to those who wish to dedicate themselves to the duties of a soldier. It not only makes them more attractive, but much stronger.

    Choose your rank

    -Queen, and anyone else of royalty (that's BirdNut, and the position is not available to anyone else.)
    -Royal Bodyguard (You fight alongside other soldiers, but your job is solely protecting the Queen.)
    -Queen's assistant (If the Queen has a message to be delivered, a war to wage, or anything else; that's where you come in. While not on assistant duty, this bird is just another soldier. 1 max.)
    -Mentor (You teach and coach the soldiers, and ready them for battle. 3 max.)
    -Soldier (You help to fight rouges, rebels, and other opposing forces. No maximum.)
    -Armour Smith (You make armour for the warriors, which consists of stone carefully crashed and carved into each shape, which is bound together by vines. 3 max.)
    -Medicine Gryphon (You help whoever gets injured. No maximum.)
    -Broody (Is basically a 'stay-at-home mother'. She does not usually help to fight. If one broody is injured, another broody will babysit her offspring. No maximum.)
    -Chick (Just a young Gryphon. To remain realistic, you must have a mother to be chick. Even if the mother is deceased. No maximum.)

    Environment of the Kingdom

    Coming over the rocky, tree-dappled mountains from soaring high above, you can see a vast, bowl-shaped valley framed in a range of mountains and trees. A large plateau stands high above the bustling kingdom, attached to the highest peak of all the mountains in the area, with a long trail of water-beaten stepping stones leading up to this area looming all the way down the side of the mountain and touching into the kingdom. The village itself is a forest with many conifers and Oaks, a river running through and snaking around trees and foliage. Many hares, squirrels, voles, and deer roam the area, which gryphons may hunt for food.

    -Adonia's rock. A long, flat plateau protrudes from the tallest peak in the mountain range, where Adonia spends most of her time. It is not reserved to a certain people, but lower, less trusted warriors or less experienced warriors must ask of the bodyguards' permission to pass, and even still, they are to be escorted, not left to go alone. Trusted warriors and bodyguards may come and go as they please. This is where a warrior may go if he or she wishes to be given a Legacy.

    -The Salmon Rapids. These raging rapids are always a plentiful feast for the Gryphons with it's many slickery uphill jumps from boulder to boulder, where the many Salmon and other fishes leap. Gryphons love to talk and socialize here as they feed.

    -The Whispering Creek. A small creek of calmer waters branches off of the river and departs toward the east, where it reaches the very smallest mountain with a peculiar cave that leads all the way from one side to the other. The cave glitters with fools' gold and glows with an unearthly light during the twilight hours. Small fishes like minnows swim along here, but aren't considered very palatable for the Gryphons. They often come here to escape the hustle and bustle, and to calm themselves.

    -The Village. A vast collection of caves all along the mountain range, some Gryphon-made and some naturally occuring. These many caves are where the Gryphons sleep at night.

    -The Forest. A lushly green forest with dense foliage, cool climate, and many conifer trees with some massive Oaks scattered about. Gryphons may hunt here for small mammals.


    Queen Adonia: She is a gorgeous Phillipine Eagle/Golden tabby Tiger Gryphon. She has the forelimbs, wings and head of a Phillipine Eagle, with hazel eyes. Being a Greater Gryphon, she possesses a size larger than most Gryphons, and which has also blessed her with a muscular figure, near-immortality, and beautiful, showy feathers. Alongside the usual, square-shaped tail of the Philippine eagle that overlaps her tiger one, are two long, curled brown feathers barred with cream given to her by her Legacy, alongside that, her bouffant crest of feathers is elongated, giving her the appearance of having a feathered lion's mane. She has radiant golden brown fur along the rest of her body, with rich mohogany stripes from her shoulders to her tail. Her tail is fairly short, with some few black stripes, and it is always curled. Adonia is distrustful, critical, and often says things that are harsher than what she meant to say. She is strict; assigning guards to protect every nook of the rocky border of her village below and keep an eye out for suspicious activity. She resides on the cliff, and rarely leaves there, because she can see all that goes on from up there and it is also the best place to sunbathe. She really spends most of her day lazing around, grooming, and sunning, but still manages to keep the kingdom in good shape. BirdNut

    Princess Ambrosia: Her deceased father was a mighty Harpy Eagle/Maltese Tiger, and her mother, as stated above, is a Phillipine Eagle/Golden tabby Tiger. She appears to have taken mostly after her father, having silken blue-slate colored fur with thin black striping. Her head is also more like the Harpy Eagle; being gray with a round neck ruff, but with a beak slighly larger in proportion, because of the Philipine Eagle blood. She has a Legacy like her mother, and she has several elongate, gracefully flowing black feathers streaming from the back of her head. Her wings are black with an incredibly large wingspan that allows her to fly far without much effort. Stunningly beautiful with a heart of gold and wisdom beyond her years, she has caught the eye of many. BirdNut

    Méli, Queen's assistant: Méli is a Tibetan Wolf/Honey Buzzard Gryphon with a wooly, striped body, a slightly snout shaped and very sharp beak, sharp black talons, massive wings, and gleaming yellow eyes. She is very fearsome looking. She is sometimes very calm, patient, and sweet, yet other times furious, evil, and best to be avoided. She can hunt well and fly quickly. She was hatched by an eagle in a wildlife park. Flew away when the bird's owner almost killed her while she was a chick. duckluv

    Orik, Princess's body guard: Orik is a Terror bird/Tasmanian wolf Gryphon. A Magnificent Pattern of black and gray feathers line his slender back and neck. Long, sharp blue-ish claws and a plated but spiked tail. He has magnificent orange/silver eyes, and black stripe patterned feathers on the lower back. A dull, Terror Bird beak with brown as the base color of the beak and small white spots splotched dappled around. He is protective of the princess and loyal only to the royals. He trusts everyone in the alliance except for Bedros, and tries to keep him afar the royals. He is a swift, speedy flier and an excellent fighter. He was born near a Fox den, where the mother Fox, Tali, took him in and raised him with her cub, Nek. Then, when he was a soldier-aged Gryphon, he decided to leave, with Tali's acceptance; though he still visits Tali and Nek when not guarding the Princess. 44Wolves

    Nero, Soldier: A stunning Melanistic Jaguar-Crow Gryphon, with yellow eyes that seem to stare right through you once her gaze falls upon you. She is an experienced, trusted warrior of Adonia, and requested to become a greater Gryphon, thus blessing her with the same near-immortality, enlarged figure, and showier feathers. Her tail is like that of a male Resplendant Quetzal, being long, flowing, and tapered; but only black instead. She has the forelimbs of a Crow and the brutish figure, hindlimbs, and tail of a melanistic jaguar under her feathered one. Adorning her slate body are ink-black ocelli that range from her shoulders, all the way down her spine, touching the top of her tail and endind in some few stripes. She is quiet and rarely speaks, and she is extremely calm and serene in nature. She usually stays away from social areas of the village, because of her need for calm aire. She is a diligent soldier who willingly fights to the death whenever necessary, and devotes herself to protecting the kingdom. BirdNut

    Thanatos, Soldier: A grumpy, close-minded, easily-agitated, and pessimistic Great Horned Owl-Liger Gryphon. He never seems happy, always furrowing, cringing, or grumbling about one thing or another. It is best not to get on his bad side, and he has no tolerance for immature Gryphons, but has limited tolerance for chicks. He is a diligent Soldier who is working hard to earn his Legacy and the full trust of Adonia. BirdNut

    Bedros, Soldier: Bedros is a fairly young, beginning soldier. He is an average Gryphon, being a Lion-bald Eagle cross. He possesses a white head, yellow eyes, small, rounded ears, and he is silken gold with a curly tassle at the end of his long tail. He was born in the Rebel Citadel, but denied their law out of concience and escaped. He often speaks and acts before he thinks, in turn leading him into trouble. He isn't the brightest, but he is very soft-hearted and loving. He always puts others before himself. BirdNut

    Oulí, Armour Smith: Oulí is a Goshawk/Grizzly Bear Gryphon. He has a thick brown pelt, with a jagged scar running down his left wing. Nobody but he and another knows how he got his scar. He is generally calm, and quiet. He is very good at his work. His history is not anything exciting; he was hatched by his mom, raised by her, when he was old enough he flew off. duckluv

    Apollo, Soldier: Apollo is a mellow, laid-back, and fearless Bateleur/King Cheetah Gryphon who can sometimes come across as arrogant, because of his proficiency in battle. He has the bright red face and pinkish forelimbs of the Bateleur, with ink-black feathers reaching to his spine, where it intertwines and blends to the short, black fur mane, long, curled tail, and the swift hindlimbs of the King Cheetah. He has thick black lines painted straight down his back, with round black spots dotting the rest of his body. Feathers of velvety black frame his red face, with a sharply decurved beak tipped in slate and short, round black ears fringed with white. A narrow, vertical scar that is nearly void of feathers lines one cheek from battle, but he is still very handsome with his eye-catching patterns and somewhat muscular build. BirdNut

    Wafer Sri, Medical Gryphon: Sri is a wise, secretive but polite Shikra/Cheetah Gryphon. She is skilled in her duties, and can also fight if she so wishes. She was just a wanderer until she found the Kingdom. crazyaboutchickens

    Halia, Queen's body guard: Halia is a Clever and very loyal Red fox/Perigrine falcon Gryphon. She fights suprisingly well despite her smaller size, and can take on even some of the largest opponents. ChickieBooBoo

    Adara, Soldier: Adara is a Long-crested Eagle/Ocelot gryphon. Graceful patterns adorn her orangey red face, soft brown eyes below a crest of long black feathers. She has long wings with a slender build, she is small, has Ocelot hind legs and tail, and crested eagle wings melt into the Ocelot pattern. She came from high in the chain of royalty but of late has lived the life of a lost wanderer. She is usually her formal self, in charge, somewhat snotty and loud, but wary of everything at times. Her family was betrayed by a guard of her home and she was stolen at a very young age bye a rival group, with the help of one of them she escaped and landed here. Gerbil

    Eudora, Soldier: A stunningly beautiful Swallow-tailed Kite/Albinistic Cheetah Gryphon. She is tall and slim, with long, tapered, wings that allow for her to gain speed quickly in flight and make maneuvers swiftly. Her flight is graceful, an she is capable of pirhouetting and barreling through the air with little effort. She is pure white with the quick hindlimbs of a cheetah, with the yellow forelimbs of the Swallow-tailed Kite, a black scissor-tail, with narrow black flight and secondary feathers. Her head is snowy white, with two short, rounded ears and a sharp beak of glossy ebony. She is charming and optimistic, a pleasure to be around; she seems to make friends wherever she goes. She is bolder than most and does not hesitate to speak her mind. BirdNut

    Milo, Soldier: Milo is a calm, friendly, and open individual who can always find the bright side to any situation. He is a Ornate Hawk-eagle/Bay cat gryphon. Long trailing feathers cover his ears, thick red fur mane with a pattered brown neck, two white strips cross his emerald eyes and touch a beak of ebony. Hind legs and tail of a bay cat and front limbs of an eagle with flecks of satin red. He is a skilled fisher and has the power to be so annoying you can't help but smile. Gerbil

    Dru, Soldier: Dru is a Great Gray Owl/Caspian tiger gryphon. The rings of a Great gray surround his ruby eyes, thick long orange and black fur runs down a ridge on his back and down to the tip of his tail. Quiet and patient, he tends to fly into a rage and is quick to argue. He came from the mountains, is Milo's brother, and they were both hatched and raised together, but their home was destroyed, so they fled here many years ago. Gerbil

    Adonis, warrior: Adonis is a Barn Owl/Tiger gryphon. He has a rather mysterious past; he fell from the sky and that is all he remembers. He can jump very high, and is very loving in nature. melovefrench

    Chara, chick: Chara is a bubbly, silly little American Kestral/Red Panda Gryphon that can find a bright side to nearly everything. She is beautiful with her plush, fluffy reddish fur and long, striped bushy tail that has an overlaying Kestral tail with an intriguing pattern. Her wings are swallow-like and tapered, allowing for fast flight. She is short, and the smallest Gryphon in the whole of the Kingdom. She has stubby legs but very sharp claws that are made for climbing trees and capable of ripping and shredding meat. She was rescued from impending death by Apollo, who found her parentless, after some rogues murdured her parents. She was too young at that time to be affected much more than having the pain of knowing linger in the back of her mind. She enjoys annoying Apollo by calling him 'Uncle Appy' or 'Uncle Apollo', to which he usually responds by rolling his eyes or chuckling. BirdNut

    Thalassa, chick: Thalassa is a sweet, and caring Elk/Seagull Hippogriff. She is brown and thin-skinned, has a long bill and wings that are patterned with black and white, and she has six spiraling horns atop her head that she is great at using to defend herself. She was hatched by Meli, but her father is unknown. duckluv

    Theron, Soldier: A tall, slender yet powerful Secretarybird/Clouded Leopard Gryphon. He has a wide ebony wingspan, and long feathers overlaying a curled, banded tail. His gray dorsal feathers melt into a pelt that is gray with a tawny hue, with irregularly-shaped black ellipses filled with a darker shade of gray. His face is silver with an area around his eyes and beak that has bare, bright orange skin with yellow eyes. He is stoic and leader-like with high expectations, and his sense of humor is rare. He found young Cyrus all alone and took the teenage Gryphon under his wing until he had traveled long enough, with intermittent stops and temporary homes, to find Adonia's kingdom. He prefers not to speak of his past, but he was born a son of rebels but never adapted to their lifestyle and beliefs. He has a jagged scar across his left eye from rebelling against their law and leaving, as a punishment for being a traitor to them. He managed to escape before they could do much more. BirdNut

    Cyrus, Soldier: A Red-legged Seriema/White Serval Gryphon with long, lanky red legs, and large, triangular black ears fringed in white protruding high on his head behind his wild, curly crest, giving him a rather comical appearance. Smiling eyes of pure pearlescent white gaze at you with an endearing, almost childish aire. His thin, lightweight, and plush dusty brown feathers are lightly barred, blending smoothly into the white pelt with tan-gray spots. He enjoys making others smile, and is always able to laugh at his own quirks and mistakes. He lost his parents and some of his good friends to a massive rebel Gryphon raid, one of which he was considering to be his mate. With a sunken heart and a desire for better, he left after he served his part in the war and it ended. He was only a teenager then, and had little survival skills before being found by Theron. He considers Theron his father, and treats him with respect. BirdNut

    Names are preferred to be in Greek, because Gryphons are mythical creatures originating in Greece. A good website you may check out www.behindthename.com to find one for your gryphon.

    Other flocks may be created.
    The Phoenixes



    Empress- (Name ends in Talon) AmberTalon, a beautiful female scarlet Phoenix with striking golden eyes. Her talons are a cobalt blue, her feathers tipped in gold. Her age is unknown. She is a Fortune Teller.
    Apprentices- (Name ends in spark)
    Chicks- (Name ends in chick)

    Dapple Woods, the Big Tree (home of EmberFlock), the Musk Cave, Poppy Meadows, the Starstream (for speaking to Ancients--dead Pheonixes.)

    To join, fill out this form:

    ▐▐▐ ▬▐▐▐ ▬▐▐▐ ▬▐▐▐ ▬▐▐▐ ▬▐▐▐ ▬▐▐▐

    Owner: ms.cluckling

    Other flocks may be created.
    The Unicorns
    Herd to be created.
    The Sea Serpents

    *Your name (Must be a gem)
    *Your rank (If a hatchling, post your parents.)
    *Your appearance
    *Your Abilities
    *Your Personality
    *Your gender

    GemClan territory:
    We live in a deep, broad lake, filled with underwater crystal caves and rare gemstones. House caves and medicine cave is on the north side of the lake in a large trench. We hunt in the west side in the deep valley

    Alpha Female: Opal-beautful, white/blue serpent, shimmery and absolutely stunning. Great swimmer and thinker. Nice and caring, but ready to defend her clan. Jasper's mate-CL98

    Alpha Male: Jasper- green and blue serpent, large and intimidating, Opal's mate. Wise and intellegent,
    great king. Fierce and fiery, but nice.-CL98

    Deputy (In charge when royalty is gone):

    Defenders (warriors):

    Hatchlings (babies):

    Mothers (takes care of hatchlings):

    Medicine Serpent:

    Eggs (Do not have names; in the egg for a few days):

    Creator: ChickLover98

    Other serpent groups can be created.
    Other creatures may be added. PM me the form and I will add it to this thread. I will not edit it for anything unless you ask me to do so.
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    Deputy. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Okay, just make your character!
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    A dragon roleplay? That's GENIUS. Nice work, Duckie! I secretly love dragons. [​IMG]

    Name: G' Tallok
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Warrior
    Appearence: Her scales are iridescent, and shine a bright blue in the sunlight. She has a frill around her head, and long, narrow horns. Her wings are large and swallow-like in shape, giving her an advantage with speed.
    Abilities: She has an incredible flight ability, being able to make amazing maneuvers and gain speed rapidly thanks to her wing structure.
    History: Still thinking...
    Other: No other notable information.
    Type: Guarding
    BYC username: BirdNut
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    Quote:Oh snap. Beat me to it!

    *pouts* I'm never fast enough to apply for deputy.
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    Quote:It's not like that type. It's a specific thing they do, such as listening, natural healing, guarding.
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    Ohhh! I thought you meant species. I'll fix that.
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    Quote:Oh snap. Beat me to it!

    *pouts* I'm never fast enough to apply for deputy.

    You're deputy of OceanClan.
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    Quote:It's okay.
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    Quote:Oh snap. Beat me to it!

    *pouts* I'm never fast enough to apply for deputy.

    You're deputy of OceanClan.

    I am? Lol, I forgot. [​IMG]

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