Facebook problem w/pal.


11 Years
May 1, 2008
I have a friend that is a salesperson in our community... think insurance or other commodity. This friend has done a good thing by creating a large network of FACEBOOK friends. This friend has done a horrible thing by posting information about gambling and binge drinking. Like, "Woo, Ted & I are gonna drink all this rum..." Or, "I have $1,000 on the game...." Is there any nice way to tell this person to tone it down? This person is acting like a college kid & people expect an adult. He has a nice wife and lovely little family,
You can click "hide" and not have to read his stuff. I have a number of people who I ended up hiding.
But no, I am sure he knows he is looking like/sounding like an idiot.
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I suppose I would like to address the fact that he is representing himself in a negative light...
I think it's very difficult to address the issue in a "nice" way. I mean what you want to say doesn't really have any openers. It just comes out bluntly. You can refrain, of course, by saying he looks like an idiot (that would be tactful
) And going along the lines of tact, you can let him know you're worried for him and his family about the image he's putting out to the community. It's possible that he's oblivious. I don't know, and you won't either unless you bring it up to him. Are you close to the wife? If so, maybe you can lightly bring it up to her like, "OMG I can't believe what your husband posted yesterday" then giggle after saying it.

That's an idea. Maybe you could do the same with him. Start by bringing it up in a joking manner?
Facebook brings out the teenager in alot of people. I am a nurse and last Spring we had a huge in-service regarding FB usage. Some of the other nurses were posting negative comments about the facility and the PATIENTS. I was shocked. This summer my mother, who is also a nurse, told me that 2 other nurses were fired and 5 more disiplined over FB comments. I have deleted friends from my page because they behaved like children and embarrassed me. I don't get it either.
I am really leery of Facebook and My Space or any of these type of websites. It seems to make people lose control of their emotions and just say and do dumb things. I know a lady that is into it constantly with her daughter and all her g.f.'s and these are adults, and it just baffles me why you would want to spend all that time being negative. these ladies spend more time blocking and ublocking each other, than they do doing constructive positive things in their lives. And, a lot of this stuff is stuff you can't control or is really none of your business, but these goofballs make it your business. I have a facebook page, because of Real Estate, but cannot for the life of me figure out how people can spend hours on that site. It bores me to tears, and I don't want to take a chance of telling someone something that might be accidently published! I prefer plain on yahoo email.
If you really wanted to say something, and I think if it were me I would have to because I hate to see someone I care about make themselves look like an idiot, maybe you can just say it carefully. Something along the lines of,

"John, you are an amazing friend/businessman/husband, and I'm worried that the things you are putting on Facebook might not be reflecting the best parts of you. I think so highly of you, and I don't want people to see you in a negative light. Maybe just think about what you are saying before posting it, okay?"

Just say something supportive and nice, but that gets the point across. If you really don't want to say anything though, I can certianly see that. I guess you just need to weigh the options:

1.) Keep him happy and let everyone think he's a raving idiot


2.) Tell him and maybe risk him taking it the wrong way.

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