Fair chickens from FFA at skool

Courtney R

7 Years
Nov 10, 2012
Last week or so i bought two Bearded Booted Bantams, pullet and cockerel. $15 a piece, they r from skool and i am planning on entering them in the fair....
I have 5 Faverolles. I ordered 10 but 3 were roosters, so I gave them to a friend who loves roosters. 2 turned out to be Dorkings. I showed a Dorking with the Faverolles. Before I gave away my roosters, I showed a rooster. He took champion showing and grand champion over all.
well thats good, they dont take the chickens and kill them if they win do they? i got the wrong type of chickens that i ordered and they said it was alot of work to get the chickens bak and forth from the place they got them from, but then i got attached to them.
No, I would never let them take my chickens, I am very attached to them. You can choose to sell them or not, no one sold theres when I was showing. If you do sell, there's a possibility that the person would take the chicken to eat, that's why I don't sell.
i woodnt sell anyway, but wen i was smaller sum of my animals went to the auction, died or ran away and i am starting to hold it in wen my pet leaves but if i had a choice, its a no

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