Fair price for Hogs...is it worth it?


10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
Fairborn OH
Me and my sister are looking into buying some market hogs to raise. I didn't know what a fair price for weaned hogs is... and is it really worth buying a pig/feeding it and having it processed months later? Oh and another question, how old and how much does the average hog weigh when it is ready to go to the processor?
They sell for $50-100 here. We did our pigs at seven months, by that time they were HUGE. I had to lift them with a tractor. I am doing small pigs this time...
You can eat a pig at ANY size.

This will not be cheep. Lots more $$$ then store meat. LOTS more. Its only worth it if you love doing it and enjoy eating your own meat, you know your pig had a good life.

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