Fairy egg? Or something else?

Are my babies laying eggs?

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Jun 9, 2016
Ballston Spa N.Y
I recently found a very small egg in my coop. I thought at first one of my younger (14 weeks) chicks had laid it. They are ISA browns, Australorop's, golden and silver sebright bantams, and barred rocks. I've never seeneed such a tiny egg before and have had my flock for over 4 years. I did some research and came across witch or fairy eggs. Where I am starting to question things is I finally cracked the egg open and there was yolk inside. Every thing I've read says fairy eggs will not contain yolk. Is it possible a hen so young can produce eggs? I also have a bantam (mom- old english red)/standard(dad- production red) mix who survived incubation. I've never seen her lay eggs so I don't know what size they would be. Could it possibly be hers? The picture is her next to a silver sebright just to show her size.
Thanks for any input.
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