Falling Off of Bikes


Oct 9, 2017
I'm bored and I feel like doing this :p
So today I will be telling you a story....

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away

Was a family going to go bike riding
HeyHey was the biggest sister and she had just gotten a new bike and was really excited to ride her brand new bike for the first time. Her bike could go really fast.

HeyHey was the leader until sudenlly her father and brother zoom past her making her want to go faster than them...

So she started pedaling really really really really fast to catch up and all of a sudden, her show (somehow, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW) got stuck somewhere in the bike (I STILL HAVE NO IDEA HOW) so her bike flipped and HeyHey fell with the bike on top of her.


"Life support to the rescue!"
Okay Im just gonna say the real story ;P

I was going way too fast so my shoe (I AHVE NOOOOOO IDEAAAA HOW) it got stuck in my bike somewhere so the bike flipped or something IDK it fell on me when I fell, I sprained my ankle, I my hands kind of landed in a fist?? Idk why I did that so yeah my fist looks like I beat someone up...
My shoulder looks like I got burnt really badly O_O My knee got scraped a little...
so yeah
and the worst part is

My brand new bike is now broken. :)

Jk some people saw me fall and they had a first aid kit just in case so they put some water I have no idea what it was but it was so that it doesn't get infected.

So I'm sure there have been people who have had WAAAAAYYYY worse falls than me, what was your worst bike fall? :3
When I was a kid, I took my bike camping and was racing down the side of a mountain and... The back wheel decided it needed to go faster then the front lol. Tumbled a good 3 or 4 times before landing in a heap with a broken bike on top of me. It hurt but I remember I was more upset about the bike being broken lol
Oh wow XDD
27 stitches in my upper lip at age 12ish. 33 now. Still have a letter "R" scar if I shave my face.

Moral: boys don't borrow the neighbor girls' bike. Pink bike with white tires add insult to injury when they scoop you off the gravel road....
Well Jimmy at least yours was a accident. Remember hand breaks well when they first came out (yeah I’m old) my brother told me get going as fast as you can then grab the hand breaks. I flipped and got hurt. He’s still not my favorite brother!:mad:
They put my bottom lip together pretty good but it looks silly if I wear lipstick.

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