family is outgrowing our current setup.Help.

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10 Years
May 26, 2013
Washington State
So I started with two hens that adopted me and purchased four banties last summer. My husband threw together a makeshift coop. kind of looks like an old fashioned outhouse with dutch doors and screens. I bought three more hens at auction to even the hen rooster ratio a little more and so bought a $300 coop that none of my chickens like. It's small and has no amenities.Its a hut with a roosting pole. So last week my two guinea hens that free range between my house and the neighbors started hatching eggs. She hatched out 11 of 17. I grabbed them up and put them in the house under a brooder as the success rate for guineas that free range is not good here. Well I didn't think this through very well as now i am running out of room. I will soon have 11 turkey sized birds and I am not good at carpentry. Not real rich either. I looked online and notoiced that garden sheds seem to go for much cheaper than coops. Has anyone ever had any luck converting one to a chicken coop? I have to do something and do it soon as my cute little peepers are going to get to big for their brooding tub pretty soon. Any suggestions, short of eating them would be greatly appreciated and considered.
Converting a shed is a lovely idea, they work great. Just go with a wooden one, not a metal one, as they are more easily modified. If money is a concern, why not build your own using recycled materials? I have built a few coops now for myself, friends and family for virtually no cost at all.

I have never raised guineas before, but I heard from a local they prefer to roost in trees and will not generally take to a coop?
When we moved to our home 4 years ago, there was a 12x16 shed in the yard. It needed a bit of TLC, but we converted it into a great coop. It has a chicken area, duck area, hay storage, feed / grain / corn storage plus 4 separate crates to isolate sick or injured birds. I added a covered run last summer. You can never have too much room, so a shed is a great coop!


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