Fancy Fowl magazine


10 Years
Feb 6, 2009
I LOVED the idea of getting a poultry mag, in addition to Backyard Poultry. I have a subscription to Fancy Fowl & I am rather disappointed. The writing is poor; the grammar & proofing are atrocious; and the necropsy articles do not make my day.
I am actually thinking about editing the most recent issue & sending it to the publisher. Is that punky of me? I do not want to seem mean...

Any other opinions of Fancy Fowl?
i got the three issues they offered for the intro rate. i didn't subscribe to it after that. i felt it lacked info and facts, and i noticed some of the grammar issues also. i was hoping the magazine would improve after time and circulation( maybe they could hire better editors or something.) i also was curious why in the issue of the breeder in alabama? was in a dirty tee shirt in the photos and articles about him. would you not spruce yourself up just a little if someone is putting your picture in a magazine? anyway, i may get an issue later on, but it does not compete yet w/ practical poultry. jmo
I think that their photos are great, but they lack direction. I was wondering if others on BYC agree with me: I'd like to see more stories about individual projects, troubles that have been overcome and advice.

Do I need to look into "Practical Poultry"? I have not seen that one!!!!
i like practical poultry. seems to have lots of info on how to improve things like health and standards for your flock.

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