Jul 18, 2016
I just want to find out if the other male pigeon will kick out the nest of the other pairs as its mate was killed? The other female bird was killed about 8 weeks ago and they three remaining birds are in a big coop. The one paid laid eggs about plys minus three day ago but then suddenly yesterday I saw the eggs lying on the ground and the nest had also being kicked out. Would the other fantail do this as we are struggling to get a replacement for the one fantail that died so there are now only the 3 birds left. I have just started with the fantails and want to get it right.
I just want to find out if the other male pigeon will kick out the nest of the other pairs as its mate was killed?
I never had it happened to me personally.
Short answer YES.

The balance in your loft has been lost

There is always one bird that is on top of the pecking order. The dominant bird is using his status to try and win over the remaining female.

I did have one ♂ bird for some reason take up with a widow ♀. The male scalped it's squab to his first mate and tried to take over his old nest box with his new bride.
The squab recovered from his injury but I had to isolate the squab and it's mother from the rest of the flock until the squab was old enough to fend for itself.

You may have to isolate the birds in order for them to raise a clutch of eggs until balance is restored in your loft.
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males claim a nest and its theres so moveing in another pair or the odd male needs a new place to go if the second pair was there before the hen passed also are you sure the odd male did the egg breaking there are other things that could be young pair poor nest so many other things possible if you don't see what happened
Lone unpaired males (and sometimes females) will bully and annoy other nesting pairs, trying to take over their nests and fighting. They also may try to kill squabs that are in these nests.

Its best to take out the unpaired bird and let the other pair have some peace to nest and raise their young.

I think in your case the nest and eggs fell out onto the ground when the pigeons were fighting in the nest box and accidently knocked the nest out.

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