Farewell, my Beakie-Boy Bird


10 Years
Oct 15, 2009
South Alabama
10 years ago or so, hubby for my birthday bought me a 13 week old Quaker Parrot to finish hand-raising. Got him from a lady who sold Quakers, Cockatiels etc. Kind of a pushy older woman who was very proud of her babies. We went with the intent to look at cockatiels and she put 5 or 6 baby Quakers on my shoulders and they all proceeded to preen my hair, nip at my earrings, and crawl all over my back and shoulders. Beakie stayed on me the longest so we wound up selecting him. He was put into a little box and we drove to Petsmart to buy him a cage and fixings. I remember him making a purring/humming sound. Just cute as a button.

He LOVED mashed potatoes, pasta, fruit, crackers, chips, basically anything I was eating. He told me once when I offered him a chicken bone (for the marrow) that "It's a bird" and turned his head and refused to even touch it. He did develop a liking for chicken which cracked me up - little cannibal
And liked eggs too
Even funnier still.

He was loud, could be rude, very demanding, messy as hell, but I loved that little bird and still do. He had quite the set up in the living room; big cage lots of toys (just got more for him last weekend at a bird show) but all he wanted to do was sit with me. He didn't care where he was, he just wanted to be with people. He'd take a shower with you and tell you alllll about it if he couldn't sit on your hands or knee.

He KNEW when I'd come in at night because he'd start squawking for me to come pick him up and get him out of his cage and wouldn't stop for anything. I guess you could say he was a bit spoiled
Had to separate him from the other birds because he'd set them off. If you've ever heard a Macaw yell, you'd understand why we did the separation
Every night, he'd help me make dinner, sitting on his perch and commenting from time to time.

The last couple nights I kept thinking, I don't spend enough time with you....Course, I spent time with him and the others every night...just that I feel guilty now....we made one of the bedrooms into a bird room, with hooks in the ceiling for hanging perches/boings, made stands with grapevine perches etc for everyone, they had their own 32" tv - had/have, slept in a nice cozy crate to get them off their feet and let them sleep on something soft....ergh...I'm beating myself up. He'd even go to the store with hubby LOL He loved going on a ride

I made up their bowls with their mash and bananas, got everyone's water bowls filled yesterday morning and went to get him up and he was laying down in his crate on his side. I am absolutely heartbroken and cried a gazillion times yesterday

We went yesterday and bought flowers, bulbs, soil, manure (the girls and boys donated some of their own fertilizer to the cause too), edging and buried him under our bird bath surrounded by flowers and bulbs. He LOVED a bath and liked flowers too....

I'll miss you a LOT my little green terror
You're my good little boy and mommy loves you a lot. I can't put into words how weird it's going to be not having you in my life. Not there to tell me how you had to have some "crackers" and how you like to "go to the store and get some crackers" (stuff he'd tell me) or whisper, 'hey...gimme kish' or 'hey....what? what's your NAME? Beaker! Say Beaker!, Love you! gimme kish' and blow kisses at me and squeal WOOOO at me

Sleep well my little fella....wait for me.

I'm so sorry for your loss. It is so devastating to lose a friend, whether they're human, feathered, furry, scaly, or other. It's obvious that you loved him deeply and gave him lots of happiness through his life.

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