Farm chatter

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  • Tillie, black_cat's white leghorn

    Votes: 13 17.8%
  • Licorice, ChickForLife's black sex link

    Votes: 7 9.6%
  • Mini, HappyDuckie's OEGB cockerel

    Votes: 23 31.5%
  • Joy, chLcken's Speckled Sussex

    Votes: 14 19.2%
  • Buttercup, Jwehl's Wild Tree Chicken

    Votes: 9 12.3%
  • June Bug, TheOddOneOut's EE

    Votes: 25 34.2%
  • Dino, MysteryChicken's Project Wheaten Crele Orpington

    Votes: 8 11.0%

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🍳 Just Beak-Cause I Can 🍳
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Jun 21, 2020
My Coop
My Coop
Snack for ducks! Ducky trail mix. Mealworms peas scratch and lettuce pieces. Last time I went they wouldn’t eat the lettuce but we’ll see.

(There’s more in there than I’ll probably be feeding them lol)


Free Ranging
Nov 13, 2020
chief muffin human
The Lioness in the scene is Sarabi, Nala has bright blue eyes and her fur is more yellow-y. The male is Scar.
wow okay
what on earth is the nighttime orange
the orange thate veryone eats at night
Terrible. This morning I had to get up for an early appointment and thanks to my half asleepness I tried to take out a non existent contact instead of putting one in. Now my eye burns
awh :hugs
Poodle is working on training and she is learning to sit and wait. When I get home we get to work on it more :yesss:
yay that sounds fun!
Any fun tricks I should Teach her in the future?
teach her to do a trick to some random words like popcorn!
I had to skip through. There was like 30 pages to catch up with.
that's fine :D
I’m half blind this morning since I couldn’t put my left contact in. My eye is still burning but I will make it
awh okay
Thinking about letting the Jungle ladies hatch their own babies this year. What do you guys think?
ooh that sounds fun
Okay, I'll update if I'm able too.
okay, thanks!
Does anyone have a cat laser? You should try it with your dog. Evie loves it, she skids after it on the floor and bites it!
i hav e alser pointer, but its porbably low in battery, and its not suppsoed to get into any eyes
yeah. but most just email & then disappear
aw that sucks :(
Oreo candy canes?!?! Those sound delicious!!!
they sound like oreos in a candy cane shape, and iwth a different texture
I’m about to go to the duck pond. Very excited as I’m extremely duck deprived these days. I’m hoping to get lots of photos and to bring the ducks and geese a good snack!
ooh that sounds fun too!
My hamster is being so cute. View attachment 2494161
awh :love
That's good! There's so many dumped ducks in many ponds, its sad. My duck, Chenga, is named after a pekin duck that had been dumped in a pond close to my old house. He was 9 when he died, and he was blind, too! But he knew his name, and always swam over when you called him, since he knew that meant he would get fed.
aww that's cute

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