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    Sep 6, 2016
    I keep putting this off, I have several registries I need to join and a couple say once you put in your farm name you can't change naturally I have put off registering for several months due to not coming up with a name.

    I've been asking friends and family but not a whole lot has popped up yet. Any help, advice, ideas would be super!!

    We are new, just starting out with breeding olde english babydoll sheep and chickens, a mixed flock and a separate flock of pure AM's.

    I'd love to find a name to incorporate both sheep and chickens but have not had much luck so far. I'm a rainbow loving eccentric that tends to like colorful or semi silly names but I don't want to name our little farm something that later down the road I may regret. For example I personally loved the silly name I came up with which is Fluffy Butts and Butt Nuggets or Fluffy Butt Nuggets...but of course that wouldn't be the best farm name I husband may not like it much if I chose it.

    So far the only name I've come up with that I kind of like is Itty Biddy Babydolls or Itty Biddy's and Babydolls....since Biddy is a word for chicks and babydolls are the sheep i breed. But it's all i've come up with other than Withrow Farm...which is our last name and very boooring!

    It would be nifty if I could incorporate the word Babydoll and including something to do with chickens....

    our land is nothing super right now, currently have a really old house on 5.5 acres on top of a teeny tiny hill...and we are most likely going to move and buy a larger farm later so something based off the land is kinda hard to come up with

    List of names so far that family and friends have helped come up with;

    Itty Biddy's and Babydolls or Itty Biddy Babydolls or even Biddy's and Babydolls
    Fluffy Flocks and Fowl
    Biddy's and Beasties
    Chicks and Babydolls or Chicks and Dolls
    Fluffy Egg Plant
    Rainbow Baby Acres
    Rainbow Baby eggers
    S&W Barnyard or Farm

    My husbands way of ''helping'' name the farm:
    S&W's Domestic Galliform and Ovine Propagation Demesne ---oi vey
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    Wooly Eggs??? I don't know, I'll think about it! :)
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    Sep 6, 2016
    haha. that brings a strange and cute image to my mind!!
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    If you are seeing the same image I am, then we both need a [​IMG]

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