Farm store coop with dirt floor, issues are too much rain!

I need to change my chickens accommodations! I was thinking of pavers or bricks on dirt and laying down lumber on top of those. What are your thoughts? Way too much rain not drying out… also driving rain is making feeder grain mushy, feeder is raised I was thinking of lining one area with wood slats.
I have wood chips in makeshift run area, until a 10x12 area is built
Can you raise the coop? Even a few cinder blocks topped with a piece of plywood would help temporarily. Anchor the coop on the platform.

At the end of the day, you may want to enclose the "run" part of the coop making sure to leave proper ventilation, remove the interior coop walls, and build a covered run around the coop.
More of the rain is coming in though hc…going to lumber yard and block off 2 sides, not fully, leaving air space between slats, what are thoughts of my idea for flooring? My poor chickies


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We thought we were going to have the same problem so we put a big piece of plywood up on some 2 by 4 for support and put the coop on top of that. There is space under the plywood since we have the 2 by 4 going all the same direction for water to flow


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