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Mar 7, 2013
Pineville, LA
Does anyone have a suggestion for a fast growing vine that I can use to shade my chicken yard? I'm currently using shade cloth, but I hate the way it looks. I'd love to plant a flowering evergreen, but I really need something that will reach it's full height or at least half that in one season! I'm in zone 8 central Louisiana. I know Clematis is fast, but I can't seem to find it yet. Passion vine is fast, but can get out of hand. I LOVE confederate Jasmine, but it takes about three years to really take off. Any ideas for a pretty and fast grower?
Oh, also it can't be too heavy. After the four foot fence, it will only have bird netting to support it.
Thank you in advance!
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Jul 21, 2011
Live Oak, FL
Seems that grape vine could be considered. Every thing is in place they are fast growing. You already have the trellis, poultry fertilizer. The birds can eat the lower leaves and fruit and you get the ones they can't reach. Could be a win win situation.

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