fast or slow feathering?

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    Apr 2, 2010
    Ok, I know that you can not use a feather sexed bird to make a feather sex-link. They talk about certian breeds being fast or slow feathering. I contacted Ideal hatchery, and asked them how they sexed their birds. All their standard breeds are feather sex linked. That would include the standard breeds even pure breeds. My question would be how do you determine if your bird is fast or slow feathering? I know most leghorns are fast feathering, but how are they bred that way? And if I just buy eggs and hatch them out, how can I tell who is fast or slow feathering. What do they look for to decide who to use for what.

    As for breeds I cannot find out about certain breeds feathering at all. Including Ameraucanas, Marans.

    I have also wondered about the egg laying color. I read that the egg laying color is passed down from the roo, so If you breed a leghorn with any of the brown layers will you get a white layer? If you breed a Ameraucana with a white or brown layer do you get a blue layer?

    I want to develop a flock where I can keep a roo and some hens where their chicks are feather sexed. If I am able to breed them I would like to know what egg color trait will be passed down.

    Just out of curiosity, is it a specific breed of Ameraucana's that produce the olive eggs?

    Thanks for any advice in advance.


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