Fast temp question...


10 Years
Feb 23, 2009
Walkertown, North Carolina
I have six day old chicks I just put in the brooder tub. They went right for the water without my having to dip their beaks...
I'm concerned the temperature is OK. I have a sixty watt bulb because the 100 watt got the temp up to over 110 degrees.
They seem comfortable. My question is...if they are not peeping and complaining then it is not too cold? And if they are not huddled out on the edges then they are not too hot?
I measured the temp right under the light and it was 95 degrees which is perfect...right?
Yep, unhappy chicks will quickly let you know.
I stopped trying to use a thermometer in the brooder years ago. The chicks will tell you if they are not comfortable. At this time of year even with week olds I might not use any heat during the day in the brooder considering that my back porch thermometer says 94 at the moment. Come dark I'd turn the heat back on but even there I probably wouldn't use more than a pair of 60 watt bulbs. No need for any more than that at this time of year.
I just used a thermometer when I set up the brooding bin...which is when I discovered a 100 watt bulb pushed the temp up to over 120 in there. Switched to a 60, and right under it is about 96 or 97. I gave the bin an hour to heat up, then took the thermometer out. They are not peeping at all unless one falls on top of another one or otherwise disturbs a napping sibling. It is the first time I hatched any eggs...the hens have done the job up until now. The last thing I need is more chicks, but I'm already planning the next batch to hatch.

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