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Nov 30, 2007
San Martin, Ca
I have a feeling all of my birds even my young ones that have begun to lay are all to fat. Even my 3 broodies who are not laying are too fat. All my birds w/ the exception of a few free range. 2 of my birds that are currently laying are fat as well. Even the ones that don't free range are fat. Aside from literally starving them what can I do? I do not feed a commercial layer feed. I feed my birds whole grains that have been sprouted. And none of the grains are corn so I know they are not getting fat on corn. On the average how many ounces or cups/day should a bird get fed? I have 2 groups of free rangers. The older group and 3 younger ones is about 9 birds and between them all they get about 6 cups of feed/day and they usually finish that all in the morning but are free ranging the rest of the day. The other group is a group of 4 birds that are still young (6mos) old and they were getting about 5 cups of feed/day between them. So what should I do? I really can't decrease their food any more than it is or can I?

Any help/suggestions is appreciated.

Have you seen excess fat on the livers when processing?

How does the keel feel? If you can feel some meat alongside the keel on each side, that is perfect. I would be cautious to assume that they have a weight problem unless you have evidence of it.

A lighter weight hen will eat about 4 oz. of feed per day.

A group of half a dozen chickens should go through a 50 lb bag of feed every month.

Those hopefully will give you an idea. They do need a protein source. Grains by themselves are insufficient. Some feed soy, others meat scraps, others milk products or fish meal.

I like to use organic chick starter (unmedicated) as it is organic soy and then I mix my grains and other seeds in with it. They really need a nice protein source in the winter when the bugs are rare/gone especially.

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