Fat Chickens


Sep 6, 2013
Stockton, California
I just slaughtered a 7 month old rooster and was overwhelmed by two things! The super hard bones after cooking, and the large amount of fat deposits! The body cavity was full of fat! Oh, the skin is way tougher than I expected!!
If this was an older rooster, they can contain a lot of fat. And a freshly butchered bird should sit in the frig for 24 hours to keep the meat tender.
No need for sorrow, cease, but thanks just the same!
TwoCrows, he was a 7 month old Orpington Buff. I butchered his dad at 11 months, fat and tough too! Kept in fridge for three days! Stewed him for two days and the bones stayed hard as rock!
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Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Ya, they sure aren't like those cornishX. I think with the older one the pressure cooker and chicken soup is the easiest thing to do, unless you have a dog or cat found of chicken.
Thanks to all of you for the positive vibes!!
I will definitely be investing in a pressure cooker, thanks Kelsie2290! It'll have to be a large one since there is a whole beef head in the future. Oh, got $2 for a dozen eggs!!

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