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  1. bealove

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    May 10, 2011
    i have been raising chickens for about 3 years.
    over this time i have occasionally had a random hen that becomes ill.
    symptoms include: lethargy, droopy tail and wings, and extremely, extremely poopy butt.
    i have experienced both old and young birds effected.
    i have tried dosing water with meds from local farm supply....with mixed results. one recovery, one fatality.
    another time i didn't treat and also had recovery.
    it doesn't seem to spread between the birds...
    just had a young hen come down with? the symptoms about 4 days ago...she seemed to be recovering and them found her dead today.
    does anyone know what this illness is? and what a treatment for it is?
    i did not see an illness in the disease section that seemed to fit.
    thanks for your help and input.

  2. Zanna

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    Oct 14, 2010
    Jefferson, Oregon
    Quote:I have had similar experiences through the years, it has been vent gleet. Never had any luck treating and always ended up culling or waiting too long hoping it would pull through and the chicken eventually died on its own, some sooner than others. Vent Gleet is an internal yeast infection, causes very poopy butt, very smelly, loss of feathers around vent area, etc. Look it up and see if it fits..............
  3. Have you wormed your chickens in the three years you been raising them?[​IMG]

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