Favorite Broody Hen With Crop


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Mar 10, 2011
My favorite now broody ( she was free range and two days before hatching) Cochin hen Lani the day before yesterday probably had beginning of sour crop (no smell yet ) about 3/4 of tennis ball. I treated her with olive oil and massage and only liquid food. From hard it became like soft clay and yesterday it felt like liquid. She was eating two days but not pooping. Today she is pooping but not drinking any liquid. Her water balloon crop is not decrease in size. Does it mean that something stuck in her digestive track and is not allows even liquid to penetrate. This is my first problem with my chickens. I can't loose her. Please help. Sorry for my not native English.
Thank you
Sounds like sour crop. Try Braggs ACV "with the mother in it", which is unfiltered vinegar. I mixed a teaspoon into a gallon of water each day and withhold solid food and only offer the ACV and water. Then after a few days try to introduce plain yogurt and the ACV and water. Then try scrambled eggs, plain yogurt and ACV and water. It should help I have had great success with this in my cased of sour crop.

Good Luck!
Does special CV it make a difference? I also use ACV but regular one. But she does not want to drink now. Should I put water with ACV through syringe? If so , how much?
Thank you

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